What Does Kekw Mean?

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    What Does Kekw Mean?
    What is it in youth slang.
    So, with the meaning of the word "Kekw" everything is clear – most often it expresses a mockery of a person or a situation. But where did it come from and why did it become so popular among young people? It turns out that the origin story of this word is not so simple.
    Initially, the word appeared thanks to fans of the StarCraft online game, namely, its Asian participants. It was used as an abbreviation of the expression "Kekeke", meaning laughter, and in addition, it was similar to a short laugh "heh". Gradually, the word migrated first to representatives of other nationalities playing StarCraft, and then went further – to other online games, various social networks and messengers.
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    Many associate the appearance of this word with Shrek, the character of the animated film of the same name. This phenomenon, again, is associated with online games. So, in the game "Warcraft" there are different races for which you can play. There is also a racial filter, thanks to which those playing for the Orc race write the word "lol", and for supporters of the Alliance it is displayed as "kek".
    This is how Shrek got the nickname "kek" – after all, this character is a representative of the "nationality" of the Orcs. An interesting fact: if you enter "Kekw" in the browser search bar, the image search will display a lot of Shrek images.
    There is another version of getting this word into the lexicon of young inhabitants of the Internet. If you type "Kekw" in Latin, when you change the layout, the word is converted to "lul", consonant with the English "lulz" (lulz). The latter stands for "joke", "joke", and again with a negative color – a stupid or evil joke, mockery. This coincidence could well help the word spread across the Internet.

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